Christchild to the Judgment

"Christchild to the Judgment" is a special ministry for Pine Grove Baptist Church.  The play, done most years, is done during the Christmas season.  It is a story that literally takes us from the birth of Christ through His death, burial and resurrection.  The play has a “Road of Life” where the characters are dealing with issues prevalent today. Issues addressed are: youth peer pressure, drug addiction, pornography, alcoholism, church hypocrisy, among others. Suddenly, it is Judgment Day for these characters and each person stands before the Lord. Heaven is portrayed by a large cast of angels, saints, and Heavenly Host. Hell is represented with the devil and his demons.  

Pine Grove will not be performing "Christchild to the Judgment" this season.  We ask that you be in prayer with us as we decide the direction we go with this drama in the future.